As a visual media agency, we are focused on creating value for your company through strategy and storytelling.


Why do you need a business strategy for video? Because video is expensive. It's a big investment and it needs to produce big ROI. A video has a rare ability to capture people's imaginations and emotions. Studies show viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video. But a powerful video needs a team that can take your organization's mission, goals and strategy and create a STORY that reaches your audience at its CORE. That requires strategy.

Another reason you need a strategy is that one video can get swept in the giant wave of marketing noise. But if you create a strategic presence in the video space, you become the source for information, education, entertainment and awareness in your industry. That's powerful.

At CORE Media, our strategy begins with your strategy. Where are you going? Where do you want to be? What's your business's purpose and reason for existing? What do people hunger to know about your products, your industry? We want to find out what's at your CORE and create compelling visual stories that make viewers into followers, consumers, promoters.

We do what CORE believes every business should do: Create Return on Investment through reaching customers at their CORE.

CORE Media can execute high-end production, full-scale commercials, whether for a 30-second ad or a corporate video.

With CORE, you're not just getting some guys with a camera. We don't let anything out the door that isn't highest quality. We'd rather create something you can use over and over again for a better return on your investment.

That's why our commercial work starts with a strategy session. Before we film anything we want to know where you're going in your business and what you really hope to achieve with this content. We can advise you on the most effective, best testing, or newest emerging approaches to using video in your business. Together, we can create something truly powerful.

Live streaming video has dozens, sometimes hundreds of moving parts. You can't afford for anything to go wrong and CORE Media makes sure you're covered with multiple cameras, an experienced crew, and engagement analytics and tactics that make sure you're not broadcasting to a void.

We deploy a veritable army for these multi-camera productions. Camera experts,tech experts and streaming experts. Everyone on the crew knows how crucial it is that when it's time to go live, we're ready.

While you're on air, we collect data and perform analytics on engagement to make sure you're reaching your target audience. We start the conversation off-line using tools like Twitter and video conferencing, and bring it back to your event and out to the world, measuring who is watching, who is responding, and what they're saying. Without that piece, your carefully orchestrated event could drift as idly in the video universe as a message in a bottle.

We can help you rebroadcast your event, or break it into pieces for different audiences. Live streaming is an investment. Make sure you hire people who know what they're doing. CORE Media does.

Animation is growing in popularity in the video world, especially as a means of entertainment of explaining complex concepts. But the real secret to a successful animated piece is knowing how your customer engages with your brand or product in the first place. If your customers expect a polished presentation, for example, the white boarding animation you might use for a corporate video won't do.

We can do basic animations, 2D and 2.5D animation with single cameras or live multi-cameras. We can overlay animated pieces into live video so they appear to interact. Animation is very versatile.

Some businesses assume animation will be more cost effective because no actors must be hired. On the other hand, animation is production-heavy, meaning the money you save on actors may wind up going to production hours.

Is animation a good direction for the video you want? Call us. We'll talk to you about your business strategy and hopes for the project and help you decide.

COREageous Films is the part of our company dedicated to creating television programs, documentaries and feature films that address social issues. Here we bring all our experience telling stories to spur action into a medium designed to tell stories and move people's hearts.

Our mission is Creating Opportunities that Revolutionize and Empower People. Whether that's a film about education, startups, entrepreneurship, economic mobility or a host of other social issues, we believe that people who are given the chance, and inspired to try, can do more than they ever dreamed.

We want to use all the experience, skills and passion we have to help them dream.