Our Mission.

We are narratus: modern storytellers.

Almost every industry sees its leaders face this challenge: Are you going to go solely after profit...or try to create positive impact in the community? In media, this dichotomy seems even clearer than in other industries.

At CORE Media, we believe that when you sweep people up in your story and inspire them by what you're doing, they become followers, consumers, and promoters of your brand, whether you're a profit business or a nonprofit organization. In short, we think the best road to profit is THROUGH the highest good.

So our objective, as a full scale production company, isn't just to make a video that makes your company look cool or sways people to buy your product. We want to talk to you about what's at your CORE and build a compelling video that speaks to your audience's CORE. We want to make a connection that lasts.

We can tell you we make great videos, we've won international recognition and have decades of experience between us in not only video production but radio, TV, film, marketing, promotions and events. And that's all true.

But we want you to hire us because we can help you tell your customers why your business or organization matters. Why you get up in the morning.


Ruben Cantu
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Stories connect us all. They are the thread by which we all grow, learn, and prosper. The hero's journey from obscurity to triumph is something we can all relate with.

Ruben has established this caveat at the center of his, and CORE Media Enterprise's, mission, which is to change the world through social entrepreneurship and thought provoking content.

Defining himself more specifically as a "mediapreneur," Ruben has been working in media since he was 14 when he hosted his first weekly radio show. During this period he established his first company and won national recognition for another a radio show, 2002-2003. In 2004 while working for Sony Urban Music and MTV Networks, he gained a new perspective on the media world and decided that the impact and reach of media could be successfully - yet still profitably - harnessed to bring awareness to social and environmental issues. In 2007, CORE Media Enterprises was born.

CORE Creative Media Strategies is the commercial arm of CORE that creates business media strategies executed through high-end video production ranging from animation, live streaming events and commercials. This work provides the foundation for CORE's mission to change the world by creating great campaigns for socially conscious brands. The company's film division, COREageous Films, reflects Ruben's extensive background in filmmaking and provides a path for these socially aware and progressive projects to come to light.

Ruben holds a B.S. in Radio-TV-Film and an M.S. in Technology Commercialization from the McCombs School of Business, both from The University of Texas at Austin. As a social entrepreneur his ambitions are focused on establishing a platform through media that allows society to reflect on its condition and spur progressive change.

Victor Sibaja
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"When you come from limited resources work is life and problems become nothing more than simple math!"
-Victor Sibaja-

Coming from a family with limited resources but great work ethic was the best thing that ever happened to Victor. As the calendar drew to a close in June of 2001, Victor knew he did not want to end up another case in a town overwhelmed by low educational standards. After a tough but worthy five years, Victor graduated with High Honors from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor's of Science in Radio/Television/Film. In 2008, Victor went on to work for Univision Television Group as Technical Director in Austin, where he became a leader and role model for many ambitious new hires and interns. While at Univision, Victor went above and beyond as he not only directed local news and public service programming but also supervised master control operations, and played a vital management role in well known events like Univision's annual Premios Texas. After four great years at Univision, Victor felt it was time to seek new ventures and wanted to work with a company that shared the same core values as he. After having established a good rapport with founder Ruben CantĂș in a previous project, Victor reached out and decided to join CORE Media Enterprises.. Victor currently holds the position of Production Director at CORE where he has not only demonstrated his ability to see projects from inception to finish but has demonstrated extraordinary creative and problem solving skills.

Brittany Anne Robertson
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After moving to Austin in 2006 because the city "seemed like a cool place," Brittany worked as a proofreader for the state government before attending grad school at the School of Information at The University of Texas at Austin for a master's degree in Information Science. After finishing school in 2009, Brittany worked a variety of jobs that included managing a local mixed martial arts gym, serving as a client liaison for an Internet media company and returning to the state to work as a proofreader for the 2010-11 Texas legislative session. After finishing with the state in 2011, Brittany turned her love of training in mixed martial arts into a profession by becoming certified as a personal trainer. For a year, she made a living training people into fitness and by working as an art model for schools and art groups throughout Austin, Georgetown and San Marcos. In 2012, Brittany was introduced to Ruben who was in need of an office administrator/executive assistant, and a beautiful partnership was born.

Brittany's work at CORE consists of keeping the office organized and Ruben on task. She is also responsible for encouraging the use of healthy snacks and refreshments at the office. Brittany works at CORE because she believes that the importance of great storytelling lies in its ability to help people empathize and connect with one another and realize that we are all in this together.

Lorenzo Vidali
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Growing up in California, Lorenzo Vidali took an interest in video production at an early age. At 14-years-old, he became instrumental in adding video production to the curriculum at his school.

Lorenzo attended the University of California at Santa Barbara, graduating with a BA in Film and Media Studies in 2009. Shortly after, Lorenzo moved to Austin to further pursue a career in video production, and in 2010 he joined the team at CORE Media Enterprises.

Lorenzo has experience in nearly every facet of commercial video production, and has worked with clients such as NetApp, CNN, Constant Contact, UCSB, and Stanford University. He has thousands of hours of post-production under his belt, and has led numerous successful shoots in a variety of production environments. When he is not working, Lorenzo is an avid musician, and enjoys producing music and playing guitar or bass in live bands. His strongest belief is that the best decisions one can make are made from a place of strength.


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